Fitness Journey – Jakhu Hill

I know I know from the title you must be thinking of Fitness Journey – How ??

So let me tell you the story behind it :-

All You need to do a steep walk/climb from Ridge to reach the Jakhu Temple. There is a board placed at the start of the climb from Ridge which states the person’s level of fitness depending on the time taken to reach the temple.


Ask me…its really tests your fitness to the limit. Low oxygen, extremely steep climb.
Adding to it, there are so many monkeys hovering around the temple. So if you happen to visit Jakhu Temple, do check your fitness and let me know whether you are fit?
Precaution – Do not carry anything in your hands, also keep your specs/glasses inside when you reach the temple because these monkeys do snatch your stuff Strictly  from boys The Innocent Face Monkey Gang will do a security check to all your pockets and if they find anything in your pockets they will take it. Then you have to please them with a  Heavy Bribe like Prashad. There is 70 feet statue of Hanuman ji in orange at the temple gate.

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