Viceregal Lodge – A walk to Remember👣 the British Time!!

We have heard a lot of stories about the British time that how they came to India and how they took over India. We have also read  it in the history books that how our great people fought for the Independence. Apart from all these things isn’t it fascinating that how Britishers used to live and rule over on of the largest civilization in the World . If you are  fond of History and Old Architecture Just take a walk from the Mall to Summer-Hill Road.


While ruling Whole India from the capital Delhi the Britisher choose Shimla as their summer capital.Viceregal Lodge was the official summer residence of British Viceroys and the Indian subcontinent was ruled from here for half of every year from then till WWII. Henry Irwin’s grey-sandstone creation resembles a cross between Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and a Scottish baronial castle.

An Ancient Picture of Viceregal Lodge

Today it houses the Indian Institute of Advanced Study: you can take a half-hour tour of a few rooms with interesting photo exhibits, but the old ballroom and dining hall are now a library and closed to visitors.The handsome gardens still make an enjoyable stroll. The cool Breeze will relax your mind. And you can Grab a Book from the library and enjoy it on the gardens !! If you are a Foodie like me  you can Enjoy the hot coffee and Snacks in the canteen or take some taste of Himachali HPMC fruit juice from the HPMC Juice Corner.



Tour Indian/foreigner ₹30/65, grounds only ₹10.


10 am-1 pm & 2-5 pm Tue-Sun, tours about every 45 min.
How to Reach Viceregal Lodge :
The Lodge is 3.5 km west of Scandal Point: fork left 100 mt. after the Oberoi Cecil Hotel, go 700 m to the lodge gate, then 400 m more to the lodge itself.
So whenever you visit to Shimla must visit to Viceregal Lodge !! For those who are on family vacation Just Plan a picnic to the Viceregal Lodge you will gonna Love it. And if you alone Enjoy the Old British Time or if you need a crazy friend to company you then let me know i’ll be there. 😁 👣

Your Friend – The Pahadi Girl प्रियंका चौहान !

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