“KHEEN”- Taste of Pahari Culture

“KHEEN” one of the known function in Kotkhai in which almost every household take part in village. “KHEEN” is hosted by most of the folks every year. “KHEEN” has significance of having people faith & devotion in their local deoty. “KHEEN” is a function hosted by a person, family or village of various Panchyat of Kotkhai tehsil.
Along with the gathering of people & their god/goddess believes in “KHEEN” and feels it as auspicious function which is a way to obtain blessing from their deoty(KUL DEVTA). The function starts with the prayer(pujan) after which people obtains Prasad & as per the financial capacity of person/village gives the feast. Here this KHEEN is devoted to the nine Devi and Devta are :- 1) Nag Devta Bhamrara.
2) Nag Devta Ghunda.
3) Nag Devta Chaithla
4) Shivji Mahadev Purag
5) Pujarli Durga
6) Tune ki Kalka
7) Mahasu Ki Durga
8) Rana Sahab Kotkhai
9) Narsingh Devta Dalsar


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